The Summer School program is under way! Our summer school program offers an enriching mixture of recreation and English language education providing the students with new experiences, the chance to meet new people, and to learn through playing. What’s more, we provide these programs as a free service to the community as many parents cannot afford summer school programs and most of the local public institutions have not been able to organize this kind of program due to budget constraints.

We are so happy with how our students are progressing! As a reward for completing the program, we take our kids on a field trip at the end of the summer. We hire buses, provide lunch, and take the kids on an awesome trip to a water park. With this trip, we are offering our students a rare experience, one that they would not be able to have without this initiative, as these types of trips are a luxury for the families and the kids that benefit from the program. That’s what makes this reward so special, for our students, their families, and for us.


Celebrate with us by helping raise funds for the trip.