Where we work


The primary focus of the program is to provide free classes in English to children who live in extreme poverty. The schools the children attend do not have money to fund a language program. Espaanglisch aims to teach the children an added skill that can improve their opportunities in life. Gaining fluency in English provides the students an avenue towards a better life, and our goal is to change the world one smiling child at a time.



Mariscal Andrés Avelino Cáceres School                       

It is located in Pamplona Alta, in San Juan de Miraflores, one of the poorest and largest districts in metropolitan Lima. It has a total of 270 students: 157 in primary and 113 in high school. There are 24 classrooms and 2 patios on for primary students and one used by the high-school students.

San Jerónimo School                       

Located in the district of San Jeronimo de Surco, province of
Huarochirí, Region Lima.   It has a total of 120 students: 80 in primary and 60 in secondary. Most of the students come from farming families.It has 12 classrooms, a laboratory,  and a dining room.

Noé School                       

Located in the Center Village La Ronda, in the district of Ricardo Palma,
province of Huarochirí,  Region Lima . It has a total of 92 students: 40 in early elementary, 42 in the primary, and 10 in high school. It has 14 classrooms and a large sports area.