Tim Thurnblad

During my volunteer work at Espaanglisch, I really enjoyed meeting Peruvians from six-year-olds to adults.  While teaching adult English conversation classes, I experienced the delightful personalities of enthusiastic students and learned about Peruvian culture. The response of the younger students was inspirational. During a single class, the look on some of their faces would change from shy or lifeless to huge beaming smiles as they expressed their pride in successfully speaking new words or singing in English.

Sebastian Hartzell

If you’re looking to find out what happens when you put an English speaker into a class full of eager Peruvian students, this is a good opportunity. The prospect seems a little daunting at first, but you´ll like it. The class room is your oyster. Teaching is a real adventure, but you´ll ride a steep learning curve with your students as you break the language barrier. People at Espaanglisch will do their best to make you feel at home and enjoy yourself. There is good cinema here and lots of night life.

Elizabeth Meadows

I had a wonderful experience while volunteering with Espaanglisch in Trujillo. The students are amazing, and they’ll make you feel like you’re the best teacher on the planet. David Mercedes helps you feel at home from the moment you arrive; he does an excellent job of introducing you to the Peruvian culture. On our first day, he took my friend Anna and I to “Gringolandia” (a mall) where we played air-hockey, and later that night we had an amazing Peruvian dinner in Huanchaco and danced all night. My month with Espaanglisch struck a nice balance between work and free time. Living in Trujillo is pretty laid-back, though the city is large enough to offer whatever services you may need, and the beach (Huanchaco) is only 25 minutes away. My only regret is that I didn’t stay longer! Also, let David win at air-hockey!

Annick Oerlemans
The Netherlands

My experience at Espaanglisch was a perfect mixture between teaching, developing lessons, promoting the school and painting a school. This combined with lovely students, loads of fun, inspiring chats, pie de manzana and dancing salsa in the kitchen of David’s aunt. For me, this project contained the depth I was looking for during my travels. Getting to know a country and its culture by living and working there is better than just travelling through. Contributing something to the society there, getting to know my students through a window in their everyday life, culture, and dreams were precious gifts.

Michelle Stoner

My volunteer experience as an English teacher with Espaanglisch Peru was, without exaggeration, five of the greatest weeks of my life. I absolutely loved teaching the students. They are bright, engaged and grateful for being given the opportunity to learn English. David Mercedes, the creator of the program is friendly and engaging. The people I met from all around the world will remain my friends forever. I learned so much about myself and the world during my time at Espaanglisch, and definitely recommend participating in the program.