Who We Are Looking For


International volunteers

  • Our volunteers are fluent in English and come from all over the world. On average they stay for 3 months. Previous volunteers are from England, USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand and France.

Local volunteers

  • We match the international volunteers with local volunteers to ease the cultural differences and language barriers. They are typically trainee teachers, University students or simply people who want to give back to the community. They regularly attend our Conversation Class to improve their conversational English.

Desired qualities

  • Is enthusiastic about teaching children & adults.

  • Can be creative in the classroom.

  • Loves traveling and adventures as much as we do.

  • Can commit to volunteering for at least one month.

  • Is open to experiencing new cultures.

Helpful but not essential

  • Basic Spanish speaking skills.
  • Prior experience teaching children.

Online volunteers

  • We are looking for a variety of online assistance, particularly with photo/video editing and content creation. We have a need for volunteers that can create ads, banners, and brochures to be used on our social media accounts. In addition, we need volunteers to help create and edit content for our website. If you are interested in volunteering online with us please contact us for more info: info@ng.org.pe